Sign Making Services

Sign Wizard’s Sign Making Services

We offer 3 Basic Types Professional Signage Services

Sign Wizard performs 3 types of signage services that are usually combined as a single service transaction and estimated at a single total price before starting the job. The 3 services we perform are:

  1. Proof, Artwork and Sign Design
  2. Sign Fabrication
  3. Sign Delivery of either Installation or Packaging and Shipping

Here’s a brief description about our services that pertain to the proof, artwork and signage design. We usually create simple proofs that in most cases are performed free of charge or for complex design the price included as part of the total estimate. The proof, artwork and signage design may be revised 3 times to obtain approval from the customer, before actually starting the fabrication of the signage. For complex and more intricate proof-of-concepts, proofs may require more efforts of detail graphic design, in those cases the cost to provide the proof will be given to the customer before work is begun.

There is a limit to 3 rework iterations for changes and modification of the proof, artwork or signage design. Additional changes and modifications that exceed the 3 rework iterations may be performed for an additional fee. This restriction limits the total service effort spent on proofs, artwork and design to reasonable allocation of effort and to prevent an endless series of changes or modifications by a customer that cannot make up their mind.

Cost effective sign because of a low overhead facility

Sign Making Facility with a low overhead to create quality sign at reasonable prices

Sign Wizard’s proofs, artwork and signage design services are usually rendered as a clean and simple design and balanced composition of multiple graphic elements. The detail graphic design elements, such as a logo design or a branded graphic may be included as part of the sign design if submitted to us as part of the job.

For signage designs that want more complex or intricate original designs, Sign Wizard will recommend a graphic designer or work with a graphic designer of your choice to create these more intricate and complex artwork or original designs.

Each Sign is Quality Assured by the Owner

equaip to make quality signs

State-of-the-art sign making equipment

The owner and founder, Steve Furman is able to use his old-school skills and experience of sign making with the latest technology of both software and printers to produce signage that’s not only professional and top quality, but has better craftsmanship than the competition. We produce signage at a greater speed than yesteryear’s manual process with fewer processing steps at a considerable lower cost. Steve Furman personally supervises every job to ensure quality assurance with direct involvement in the crafting of each sign according to the Sign Wizard standards of excellence. The Sign Wizard stands behind the quality of each sign he makes.

Internet, Phone and Email Services

Most of our signage can be purchased over the telephone or email. Many times, we never meet our customers face-to-face, but are able to satisfy their requests with exceptional customer service and deliver a high quality signage product to their specifications. Hence, our installation services are only for those customers that live around the Tampa Bay and Sarasota areas in the vicinity of our shop. For all other customers, we package and ship the finished signage to your postal address by the US Postal Mail, UPS or Fed Ex. The carrier used is dependent of the size of the signage and the quantity being purchased and which carrier offers the lowest price.

To start your new sign, call us on (813) 380-1024, email or complete the Quick Quote or our on-line form.

There is no obligation until you approve the proof and provide the first payment.