Our Sign Maker Process

Our Sign Maker Process is a step by step method to arrive at a finish product that ensures you get the sign you want in accordance with your specifications and messaging. The purpose of our Sign Maker Process is to ensure customer  satisfaction by making the sign predictable and getting key points of approvals. Our process starts when you contact the Sign Wizard. Our Sign Maker Process means no surprises or false expectations. You are involved in this process to ensure your satisfaction and the completed signage is done to your needs.

Sign Maker process

Sign Wizard’s unique Sign Maker Process

  1. Sign Maker Process: (the job begins) starts with initial contact by:
  2. Requirement Gathering: We use  email, phone calls or by our on-line forms to discover your needs and signage specifications
  3. Verification of Signage Type & Layout: Sign Wizard makes signs from scratch or using a sign you choose as a base model. We verify the basic requirement and composition desired.
  4. Estimate the Job: Sign Wizard will estimate the total amount of service  effort, expenses and cost of materials to do the job. We will also estimate the timeframe for delivery. The estimate will include the initial proof, sign design with artwork and layout, a maximum of 3 rework iterations for the artwork, fabrication, construction with hardware, installation or packaging and shipping.
  5. Notification of Quote: Our total estimate and expect delivery date is sent to you by email or fax
  6. Create Proof for Review: Based on your requirements, Sign Wizard will develop a proof-of-concept, aka, “a proof” for the signage as a mock-up to demonstrate a preview of the sign and get your feedback. Please note, the mock-up may be refined and reworked up to 3 times. Most often the proof is free.
  7. Get Approval of Proof and to Proceed : The final proof will be sent via email or Fax to you. Sign Wizard will request your approval of the proof as the actual sign you want. Once we receive your acknowledgement of approval to proceed, Sign Wizard will be ready to begin production work.
  8. Verification of Payment: Before proceeding any further, Sign Wizard will verify you made a payment by a major credit card or check or cash. At this point you should place your order using the on-line form.  You will receive a phone or email acknowledging that we have started production of your signage job. There is no obligation until you approve the proof and provide the first payment.
  9. Tuning of Artwork: Sign Wizard will accept minor changes to the artwork from you that are modifications to the original proof based on the discretion of Sign Wizard and the extent of effort required. There are rare instants where a customer just can’t make his or her mind and we get stuck in an endless  loop of change after change. At this point in the process we will call attention to excessive rework efforts.
  10. Production: At this point in the process we are committed to sign design and our efforts are focused on making the signage to your requirements and specification:
    • Select and size materials
    • Print Artwork with proper equipment
    • Fabricate the signage
    • Construct mounting or framing hardware
  11. Work Completed: The final finished signage product is now available for either installation or shipping
  12. Verify Any Final Payment: Depending on the financial arrangements that were agreed, there may be a final payment. The final payment must be verified before we can release the finished signage to your ownership.
  13. Sign Delivery: Sign Wizard has several options to get the signage in the hand of the customer:
    • Installation: For local customers within a radius of 50 miles of the Sign Wizard’s shop,this option may be part of the service agreement. The Sign Wizard will arrive on-site with the signage and install it.
    • Packaging and Shipping: Sign Wizard will deliver the sign on-site, or arrange for a time available for the customer to pick up or Sign Wizard will package and ship the signage through US Post office, UPS or Feb Ex.
  14. Job Done: At this point in the process, the signage is successfully produced and delivered. The Sign Wizard will request feedback from you about his service and the final signage.

For your next sign project, contact the Sign Wizard by calling us on (813) 380-1024 or emailing  steve@signwizard.biz or completing the on-line form.

We accept credit cards for initial payment and final payment

We Accept Credit Cards.