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The Home Business with Professional Sign Design Services

Sign Wizard's Sign Design facilitiy serving Tampa Bay

Sign Design Shop a facility for making custom signage

Sign Wizard was established as a Home Business in 2006 by the owner and founder Steve Furman. Steve remodeled his 2 car garage and has transformed it into a Professional Sign Design Shop with computers, layout space, construction tables, various sign equipment and sign printers to make commercial signs of different sizes. The Sign Wizard’s  Sign Design Shop has been in business for over 7 years at the same location offering top quality signs to the Tampa Bay area surrounding counties.

Our Sign Design Shop inventory includes the popular materials. Having the materials and supplies in-house and on-hand, allows us to make your sign faster, without waiting for a special order from our suppliers.

Professional Sign Design Facility with Low Overhead Serving Tampa Bay


Working at the layout and construction table

Our Sign Design Shop has all the professional capabilities you would expect from a much larger company. We produce signage of a variety of different categories and almost any size and quality of the sign desired. Our shop was built to accommodate our small staff. Since this shop is part of the owner’s home residence, the Sign Design Shop has small overhead cost with very little expenses. Not having to pay rent or a mortgage for the  shop facility is a tremendous competitive advantage.

Sign Wizard’s prices are extremely attractive and will beat the competition’s price for the same or better quality of handcrafted signs and original signage, every time.


Sign Wizard’s Strength Means Better Pricing without Dropping the Ball on Quality

All our signs are handmade.

Mike completing a sign project for a local roofing company.

Sign Wizard’s strengths are: state-of-the-art technology, expert signage know-how, low overhead facility and our own unique Sign Maker Process. This all means very high quality sign design at significantly reduced costs that are passed directly to our customers.

Our Sign Making Process is proven contributing factor to ensure customer satisfaction with minimal product waste during the sign design and sign fabrication.

Mike is our technician that  has been trained by Steve Furman and has experience. As seen in the photo to the left, Mike is finishing a sign project for Palm Tree Roofing.

Our Magical Prices are primarily due to our low-cost structure of the Home business. This is the reason why Sign Wizard can beat the competition in price for top quality handcrafted signs for the same quality or even better quality than our competitors.

“Magical Prices for Astonishing Signage Values!” is not just our tagline, but the essence of what we accomplish everyday for all of customers based on our strengths in sign design. Sign Wizard has been serving the Tampa Bay area with quality handcrafted signs for over 7 years.

You be the judge call the Sign Wizard to talk about your next sign  with the 2 dimensions of price and quality. The Sign Wizard will personally ensure you get the best value for your next sign.

Sign Wizard offers the best prices, call us on (813) 380-1024, email or complete the Quick Quote or our on-line form to discuss the sign you want us to make for you.

There is no obligation until you approve the proof and provide the first payment.