Frequently Asked Questions:

The following FAQ list is provided for new customers that are doing business with the Sign Wizard for the first time.

I want a small sign, but I am not sure about the design?

If you explicitly know the message you want to deliver, the Sign Wizard will work with you on the design by rendering a proof-of-concept or simply a proof. The proof is given to you to review and can be altered to reflect your brand or get the attention you want. The Sign Wizard’s proofs are free. Once the proof is approved and a free-price quote is given, Sign Wizard will wait for your approval to proceed.

How do I get started with a new sign?

The first thing you need to do is to contact the Sign Wizard either by phone, email, fax or by completing an online form. Next, the Sign Wizard needs to understand your requirements. You can use the Quick Quote online form to describe the type of sign and category you want with sign dimensions, colors, logo, graphical elements placement, font style or lettering, rough layout, construction materials or anything you feel is important. Sign Wizard will help you define your requirements and will ask clarifying questions. A proof will be made for your review and a price quote that is an estimate of the total job. Once you approve the proof and you provide the first payment of 50% of the total price, we will begin production work on your sign.

How do I obtain a price quote?

A price quote can be easily obtained after a thorough description of the requirements is gathered. The requirements include the sign type, size, construction materials, colors, whether the job includes installation or delivery, and shipping. To request a price quote: phone, fax, email, or complete the Quick Quote online form. If we need further clarification or additional information, the Sign Wizard will contact you.

How do I pay for Signage?

The price quote you receive will be for the total job, such as the total number of signs fabricated and whether that includes installation or delivery and shipping. The usual practice is to receive half of the price up front to start the job and the remainder due at delivery or installation. The Sign Wizard may have different payment arrangement depending on job and customer relationship.

Does the Sign Wizard do rush jobs?

The Sign Wizard can perform a rush job in as little as 12 hours turn-around. The turn-around time is dependent on the number of signs, whether materials are in-stock and the current workload of Sign Wizard. Every effort will be made to provide quality signage at the fastest fabrication speed using the material required to construct quality signage. Sign Wizard will estimate the rush delivery date and time.

Can I place a signed order outside the Tampa Bay or Sarasota areas?

The Sign Wizard can take sign orders for handcrafted signs from anywhere in North America. Your order can be placed by phone, Fax, email, or completing an online form. The final product of signage will be delivered to you by a major carrier, such as Fed Ex, UPS, or US Postal Service. The price of the shipping is usually included in the total price.

Is there a charge to get a proof?

The Sign Wizard will provide a free proof-of-concept,( proof) upon request. The proof is a starting point for the initial sign design and is used to review the design with the customer and get the customer critique and changes. After the description and the sign requirements are received, the Sign Wizard will provide a price quote. If the pricing is acceptable, Sign Wizard will work on the proof as to the next step.