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Meet the Wizard Sign Maker Extraordinary

Steve Furman is the one and only Sign Wizard.  As the little wizard character in the logo that appears on this website, Steve has a warm and friendly manner, humorous and a little cantankerous if things are not done correctly. Steve possesses an extremely rare and wholesome business philosophy to “do what’s right for the customers and put them first!”. This is uncommon in today’s business environment. Steve places an emphasis on delivering quality signs, taking pride in his work and provide friendly customer service he would expect.

As a consequence, the Sign Wizard has a unique old fashion way of doing business; he places himself in the customers’ shoes. As the personality behind the little sign wizard character and the Sign Maker Extraordinaire, Steve Furman is a unique individual and runs his business in a playful manner. But, he is earnest and devoted to delivering exceptionable quality and value.

Steve is an experienced sign maker with both old-school and state-of-the-art know-how of sign design. He can make all types of business signs, understands how businesses work in different industries and use the latest technology to make the sign you need.  One of his value propositions is making quality signs at lower prices. Why pay more? Once you buy a sign from the Sign Wizard, you will return again and again for another handcrafted sign.  It’s always a pleasure doing business with the Sign Wizard.

Sign Wizard is the sign maker extraordinaire for sign design in the tampa areaNovel Approach to Sign Design

Steve runs his Sign Design Shop as a labor of love. He has a passion for sign design and takes pride in his craft and doing it right. The Sign Wizard is a Home Business created solely for  Steve Furman to have fun with his sign design. Also, Steve is driven by his innate work ethics to satisfy the customer with sign designs that will work for the business and fulfill the customer’s intentions. Signs are made to order (each is a custom works) for low prices that have been quoted before the job begins with no hidden charges or no extra fees.  All of the Sign Wizard’s signs are fairly priced and fabricated with quality materials to do the job of business. If Steve thinks the sign is wrong or won’t work, he will tell you ahead of time and give his honest recommendations. He is not profit motivated, but people motivated in doing what’s right. This is truly a novel approach to doing business today.

Steve Furman’s goal is to genuinely help your business succeed by his novel approach to sign making. As a frugal business owner himself, he often asks himself, “Would I spend my own money on this sign for the price and quality?  Steve’s novel approach ensures you receive the same terrific deal for signage that he would accept as a buyer.  Steve counts his pennies and is focused on being cost-effective. Expect to be dazzled by the Sign Wizard with Magical Prices for Astonishing Signage Values!

Sign Wizard is the sign maker extraordinaire for sign design in the tampa areaMore than a Graphic Designer – Expert Sign Maker that Knows How Signage Can be Effective

Most graphic-designers just produce signs as a commodity. Most don’t have any breath of business experience or understand the insights that link the signage to business results. This is not the case with Sign Wizard.  The Sign Wizard knows the practical aspects to make signs effective and express the owner’s message. You’ll want to hire the Sign Wizard because he is an expert with latest skills and has the real business experience to make the right sign for you.

Sign Wizard is a serious sign maker and graphic artist for sign design

Steve Furman, Sign Wizard, is experienced and skilled to handle any sign project (big or small; simple or complex) and will work with you to design the sign you want.

Steve Furman has over 30 years of experience in all areas of businesses from working as a regular hard-working employee to the Manager of Operation. Although he has a BA from the State University of New York College at Buffalo, Steve doesn’t feel that it is important 33 years after graduation. He thinks it’s  what you accomplish today that’s important.

Steve’s experience as a sign maker started with his parent’s restaurant in western New York State by making signs for blue-plate specials and the store window and all signs. Steve spent 3 years in the Navy as a barber running the ship’s store and being known as the guy to go to for any signage aboard ship. Throughout his career, he has been involved with signs as an important part of making the business function. It’s no wonder that Steve Furman is the Sign Maker Extraordinaire.

His 30 years of work experience includes various positions of responsibility and covers the following industrial sectors:

  • Automobile
  • Financial
  • Manufacturing
  • Retail
  • Transportation
  • Trucks
  • Services
  • Vineyard & Wine

During his diverse years of business experience, Steve was dabbled with signage from simple designs to design recommendations to actually making signs himself during his career. Sign making for Steve has always been a passion, as well as, a creative and an incredible rewarding experience. He enjoys making  fantastic signs that deliver the right message to get potential customers to react.

Sign Wizard is the sign maker extraordinaire for sign design in the tampa areaTrained by an Expert Sign Maker

Steve Furman was trained in the sign making business by a pioneer in the sign industry, Paul Young.  Paul opened his Sign Manufacturer business in western New York State in 1964. Paul as a master sign maker, taught Steve using old school techniques of how to sketch layouts with paper and pencil, hand lettering, detailed hand painting and recreating the artwork by hand to fit a variety of sign dimensions.  Steve learned the theory and practice of sign design and graphic design part of layout, composition, color, balance of graphic elements, drawing the eye to important points, free-hand artwork, fabrication and installation.  Steve trained as an apprentice under Paul learning all the facets of the sign business. At that time, it was a manual process. In those days, the sign maker had a steady hand and tremendous focus to align graphic elements and lettering by using a ruler and a T-square.

Sig Wizard working designing signs

Sign Wizard working using the latest software

Sign Wizard is the sign maker extraordinaire for sign design in the tampa areaSign Design with the Latest State-of-the-Art Technology Tools

As a seasoned professional, Steve not only knows the theory and practice of the sign making business by the old-school methods, but is skilled with the use of the newest desktop software, in particular Flexi-Sign Pro, the world’s leading

Sign Wizard is the sign maker extraordinaire for sign design in the tampa area and uses the latest sign printing equipment

Sign Wizard uses the newest printers on the market to produce quality signs that are noticed

software specifically for sign design. In addition, Steve is skilled with many different designs and graphical software tools such as Photoshop, Corel Graphics, Microsoft Digital Image Pro and MontiTech Photo Sizing. The purpose of all this technology is to complement Steve’s main skill as a sign maker to create better signs faster.

Today, Steve relies on the latest technology as the necessary tools to create the artwork that can be converted for use on his specialized sign making equipment and printers. Each sign is given special attention by the Sign Wizard and is handcrafted through the entire process: creation of the artwork, fabrication by selection and sizing of materials, construction of the finished sign and finally the installation or packaging and shipping of the sign.

Are you looking for quality handcrafted signs made to your specification to deliver your message?

Then it’s time for you to meet the Sign Wizard by calling (813) 380-1024 or emailing him, to talk about your sign project and then hire the Sign Wizard, Sign Maker Extraordinaire to make your sign handcrafted to your requirements at a price you will like.